Key card details

Many ASSA locks when new come with key duplication cards. These cards typically list the profile, the sidebar, and the bitting in an encoded way.

The profiles are enumerated here.

Styles of ASSA key card. 1 = profile, 2 = sidebar code, 3 = bitting.

The bitting encoding scheme uses a polyalphabetic subsitution cipher — basically just a table. I don't exactly know why they do this as the decoding table is easy to find. It is shown below.

Cut position
1 2 3 4 5 6
Cut depth 1 E F J B G A
2 J A B C D F
3 F C D J H E
4 C H A D B J
5 D G F E J H
6 B D E H A G
7 H B G F C D
8 G J H A E C
9 A E C G F B

(Remember ASSA numbers 9 as the shallowest cut and 1 as the deepest cut, and also numbers the pins tip-to-bow.)

If you're too lazy to use the chart by hand, here is a handy widget that will do this for you:

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